KnockoutJS - ko.toJSON copying unwanted properties

KnockoutJS - ko.toJSON copying unwanted properties

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When using KnockoutJS and the Knockout Mapping Plugin, you may notice extra properties are being serialized with your viewmodels, ex. "__ko_mapping__" or "copiedProperties" objects.

JSON Example:

	"MyObject": {
		"Id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
		"Type": 1,
		"Name": "Default MyObject"
	"__ko_mapping__": {
		"ignore": [],
		"include": ["_destroy"],
		"copy": [],
		"observe": [],
		"mappedProperties": {
			"MyObject.Id": true,
			"MyObject.Type": true,
			"MyObject.Name": true
		"copiedProperties": {},
		"": {}
	"someOtherSettings": ["Yes", "No"]

These are just extra objects included with the KO mapping plugin. To remove these properties from your JSON, Use the KnockoutMapping serializer instead of using the vanilla KnockoutJS serializer.


var vm = ko.toJS(MyViewModel);
var vm = ko.toJSON(MyViewModel);

Replace with:

var vm = ko.mapping.toJS(MyViewModel);
var vm = ko.mapping.toJSON(MyViewModel);


Happy coding!

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