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c#, c# int to string, int, string

C# - Convert int to string

C# int to string conversion is actually one of the less painful conversions to do. Converting int to string in C# is easy because everything we need is built right into the library. Keep reading to learn the many ways to convert integers to strings in C#. Why convert int to string? Converting an integer to a string is a quite...

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c#, switch, type

C# - Switch on Type

Prior to C# 7 switching on data types was fairly tricky. Luckily with the latest update we can do a C# switch on type very easily. Let's have a look below at why type switching is useful. We will also go over some code examples for both legacy C# and C# 7+. Why switch on types? Switching on an objects type is...

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BookGuide, C++

C++ - Book Guide For EVERY Programmer

Here is a quick list of the top C++ books to get you started from beginning to end. This list of C++ books is a collaborative effort and has been compiled from a variety of sources If you would like to suggest a book please don't hesitate to message us. Enjoy! Beginner C++ Books Introductory, no previous programming experience C++ Primer  (Stanley...

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c#, c# iterate dictionary, c# loop through dictionary, Dictionary, foreach, iterate

C# - Iterate over a Dictionary

This tutorial will explain how to iterate a dictionary in C#. But before learning to loop a dictionary we will first learn to initialize a dictionary. We also touch on using LINQ to manipulate key value pairs.  Initializing an example Dictionary So first let's initialize a sample dictionary, named exampleDictionary. We will populate it with two key value pairs as shown below. Also remember...

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admin, c#, c# run as admin

C# - Force .NET application to run as administrator

Forcing your .NET applcation to run as administrator is actually pretty straightforward. WIth a small web.config update your app will boot as admin by default.   Running .NET as Admin First we want to modify the application manifest that is embedded in the program. This will work on Visual Studio 2008 and higher. If your project does not yet have a app manifest file,...

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