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C# - Calling a generic method

First I'd like to say Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a good time celebrating NYE 2017. Now let's move onto the fun stuff in 2018, programming! I have been seeing a lot of questions about how to call generic methods using reflection in C# so that will be the topic at focus. Calling generic methods in C#...

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C# - Out of Memory Exception

C# System.OutOfMemoryException While programming for my web app the other day, my application threw an System.OutOfMemoryException when initializing a list of objects. To me this seemed pretty much impossible because my machine has 4GB RAM. Specifically the error happened when I tried to add an existing collection to a new list. For example: List newShapes = new List(selectedShapes); My original thought...

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C# - Randomizing a List<T>

Randomizing a list<T> can be done using the Random and a simple LINQ query. Check out our card shuffling example below: Randomizing a list of objects Given a Card class public class Card { public string Name { get; set; } public int Value { get; set; } } Initialize a new list of cards var cards = new List<Card>()...

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C# - Cast int to enum

Casting enums can get tricky in C# so we wanted to provide a few examples to help clarify the situation. Below we are using a simple enum to demonstrate how to cast an int to a enum, enum to an int. We will also go over how to check if an enum exists given an integer or string and how to...

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