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SQL - How do I UPDATE from a SELECT in SQL Server?

In SQL Server it's possible to INSERT into a table, but can you do the same for UPDATE? The is a common question when learning SQL and learning how to UPDATE from a SELECT in SQL Server.  In SQL Server 2008 (or better), use MERGE MERGE INTO Table_A A USING ( SELECT id, col1, col2 FROM Table_B WHERE tsql = 'cool'...

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SQL, SQL Server

SQL - The OR in the when clause  error

This is a common error when you are attempting to use an OR to satisfy multiple conditions in a WHEN statement. "The OR in the WHEN clause of a CASE statement is not supported." Consider this SQL which currently gives the "The OR in the WHEN clause of a CASE statement is not supported" error: CASE ebv.db_no WHEN 22978 OR 23218 OR 23219 THEN 'WECS 9500' ELSE 'WECS 9520' END as wecs_system...

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