Programmer Dad Gift Guide

Programmer Dad Gift Guide

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Gifts for Programmer Dads

Welcome to the Programmer Dad Gift Guide! Whether you need a Father's Day Gift or Birthday Gift for Dad, we got you. Below we've compiled a list of items that any Programmer Dad would appreciate. We hope to continue to grow this list as we find new Programmer Dad gifts. Reach out if you have any great programmer gifts of your own that you would like to share!

1. Craft Beer Club

Most of us programmer Dads enjoy a good craft beer after a chaotic day of coding. Imagine getting beer delivered -- without leaving the man cave. Craft Beer Club lets you try some of the more uncommon and obscure ones. Each month's shipment features 12 beers in various styles from two different microbreweries around the country.

2. Programmer Shirt

Obviously we had to mention our Software Engineer Shirts, they are a welcomed addition to any programmer wardrobe.

3. Roku Streaming Stick+

Dads love nothing more than saving money, especially from the cable provider. Ditch cable completely and snag a few Roku's, they are easy to plug in and only cost around $60 a piece. 

4. LIFX Smart Bulb
LIFX A19 +

The smart bulb market is always hot, but LIFX has a night vision variety that can help your cameras out. For around $80 you have the ability to light an entire room with full control via their app. These are very fun, especially for garage dance party's etc.

5. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi has been around for some time, however it seems to just continue getting better. Developers are interested individuals and love to play with gadgets.
These are great for connecting with Putty and tinkering around with various instruments. Raspberry Pi's are also great for teaching children to code and learning about programming interfaces.

6. Laptop Bag
Laptop bag in gray

If your technical friend does his coding on a laptop (which is more likely not), then a high quality laptop bag can be an incredible addition. You'll want a bag made of robust, high-quality materials, large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop, with extra space and pockets for laptops, phones, tablets and even a keyboard and mouse.

7. Hourglass Timer Set
The Best Geek Gifts for Programmers: 20 Ideas for Coders and Nerds pomodoro hourglass time set

Staying productive as a programmer can be tough, which is why we often recommend the Pomodoro technique: 30 minutes of work, followed by 5 minutes of rest, rinse and repeat. With this hourglass the programmer in your life will not only get more done in less time, but they’ll be happier about it!

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