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The Programmer Blog is here to help you, the programmer. We do our best to provide useful resources that offer explanations to popular programming problems, across a variety of programming languages. If you would like to suggest a blog topic or have a question, please leave us a message.

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C# - Cast int to enum

Casting enums can get tricky in C# so we wanted to provide a few examples to help clarify the situation. Below we are using a simple enum to demonstrate how to cast an int to a enum, enum to an int. We will also go over how to check if an enum exists given an integer or string and how to...

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Welcome - The Programmer | System Out Of Memory

Welcome! While we get setup, please feel free to browse our catalog of shirts. If you have any ideas or feedback, login to your favorite social media platform and give use a shout. Our blog will strive to provide useful insight into the latest and greatest in web development and design. Stay tuned for more.  

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