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The Programmer Blog is here to help you, the programmer. We do our best to provide useful resources that offer explanations to popular programming problems, across a variety of programming languages. If you would like to suggest a blog topic or have a question, please leave us a message.

Java - How do I compare strings?

Using the == operator to compare strings is common but can have some pitfalls. Below is a short example of the difference between .equals and == operators and when it's appropriate to use them. == tests for reference equality (if they are the same object). .equals() tests for value equality (if they are logically "equal"). Objects.equals() checks for null before calling .equals() so you don't have to. String.contentEquals() compares the content...

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async, Javascript

JavaScript - Understanding AJAX calls

For anyone starting out let's explain the exact meaning of "ajax". To start let's understand that "AJAX" means Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. This means we are sending an asynchronous call to the server using JavaScript and returning XML, or JSON in modern programming. The request to an API endpoint (ex. MVC Controller method) will return a JSON or XML object which will...

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BookGuide, C++

C++ - Book Guide For EVERY Programmer

Here is a quick list of the top C++ books to get you started from beginning to end. This list of C++ books is a collaborative effort and has been compiled from a variety of sources If you would like to suggest a book please don't hesitate to message us. Enjoy! Beginner C++ Books Introductory, no previous programming experience C++ Primer  (Stanley...

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Git - How to undo the last commit

Removing your latest commit from your local (or remote) Git repository is a common task when you've committed the wrong files and/or code. Here are a few short and sweet examples using Git that show how to undo a commit (without twelve paragraphs of theory explaining it).   Undo last commit from local Git repository Problem You just executed a git commit. You did not execute a git...

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